January 7-8, 2019
International “AIMR Workshop on Pure and Applied Mathematics”

Place: Tohoku University (2F Seminar Room, AIMR Main bldg., Katahira Campus)
Organizers: Andreas Dechant, Motoko Kotani, Yohei Sakurai and Kohei Suzuki

Various areas of mathematics (applied mathematics, geometry, dynamical systems,
calculus of variations and graph theory) and their applications to material sciences

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January 30
- February 1, 2019
International Workshop "Polymers meet Topology"

Place: Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech Front, Royal Blue Hall)
Organizers: Tetsuo Deguchi, Yasuyuki Tezuka, Koya Shimokawa

I. Polymers and topology conjectures
II. Topological polymer chemistry and physics
III. Innovating polymers by topology effects

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